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Sexy Sundays | Pulling a Rabbit out of the Hat

Keeping one’s sex life interesting over the long term is sometimes difficult. Reading and hearing advice can help, but sometimes advice is of poor quality, poorly understood, or poorly implemented.  This can lead to bad experiences and devastating consequences. The

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If You Would Only Like Me

I don’t read much mainstream fiction, but on the advice of a close friend, I’m currently reading Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon.  Here’s a single paragraph from it . . . I had been in the presence of Chile Willow only

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Respecting the Memory of "Us"

When I was younger, the nights were worse than the days.  When I tried to quiet my roiling brain, thoughts of the missing man I loved would poke their snouts into the swirling river of thought commanding my brain.  Every

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A Letter to an Old Friend

Writing this is difficult for me . . . Please forgive me if my style is not up to its usual standard. I am having difficulty catching hold of the pieces of plastic lawn furniture blowing around within the squall

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My Mom’s Birthday

Today is my mom’s birthday. My mom died in 1998 when I was 26, the same age she was when she gave birth to me. As my mother lay dying, she begged me not to have any children because she

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I Miss Your Toothbrush

My boyfriend has been out of town for a few weeks, so I decided to take a picture of “home” and send it to him. He doesn’t live with me, but part of our shared vernacular is that “home” is

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