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Want a Raise? Wash Your Vulva, Dammit! (Part 1)

Male friend trident5 kicked a DemocraticUnderground link my way with the comment, “I am wholly unqualified to offer an opinion on this.”  Kowing him, I was expecting to find something nerdy/political  and bizarre enough that he, one of my Nerd Flock, would

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This Week’s WTF Moment

The designer couldn’t have called this “Rooster Block Necklace”?  Has the designer’s mother seen this? 😉 Original listing here, additional product listings here, designer’s website here.  ~Riot.Jane

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More on the Elderly Indian IVF Trend

In a recent post, we discussed the cultural components involved in the developing Indian trend of financially middle- and upper-class elderly women giving birth through IVF.  I ended that post with the statement “I honestly can’t imagine living in such a culture.

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My Favorite Books: "1984"

In the continuing series of Riot.Jane’s favorite books . . . In no particular order, this is the second:  1984 by George Orwell   Written during the Second World War and on its a face a treatise regarding the totalitarian

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Meeting Hattie RetroAge: Cougar Extroardinaire

I watched an episode of TLC series {Strange}SEX for the very first time last week.  The particular episode I saw was about “cougars“, or older women who date younger men (the show defined it specifically as women aged 40+ who pursue men

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Mummified Babies Could be Linked to "Peter Pan" Author

On August 17, two women cleaning a storage area in a once-grand 1920s-era Los Angeles apartment building made a surprising discovery: two leather satchels that each contained the mumified remains of a human baby. The remains were wrapped in 1933

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The Great Thumbtack Experiment

I recently heard about the concept of collective wisdom on a back episode of the Best of the Left podcast (sorry, I don’t remember which episode, but I think it was from earlier this summer).  In short, Jay Tomlinson (the

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