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In Honor of our Veterans (NSFW video)

Full Metal Jacket meets Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer: ~Riot.Jane Advertisements

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Reason #9 I Love My Bestie

Riot.Jane Conversation had this past Thursday afternoon whilst planning the lunch where she would meet my boyfriend for the first time . . . ME: Okay, I have to ask you this because you’re the only woman I could ever

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How to Date a Women’s Studies Major: Just Don’t

Brittany Hunt @ The Miscellany News has posted a hilarious piece, How to Date a Women’s Studies Major: Just Don’t, about the pitfalls of dating radfems.  While I don’t necessarily agree with with everything in the piece, the serious points she

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InfoGraphic: Evolution of the Lady Action Hero

Stumbled upon while wandering the wilds of the WWW . . . [Source: Evolution of the Lady Action Hero] While I will be forever torn between Ripley and Trinity as my favorite, I’d like to find out about your favorites

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Cosmo’s Weird "Untamed Va-jay-jays" Cover

Lolly.Jane snapped this picture in the checkout line at a grocrery store and kicked it my way with the Subject line “untamed WHAT?!?!?!?”: (As if women need another negative message about our nether-regions! >sigh<) As soon as I saw the

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Girls Bug Teachers Lounge

I am torn amongst giggles, disapproval, and jealousy at the story of two Swedish girls who bugged their school’s teacher’s lounge in an effort to improve their grades. English-language Swedish news site TheLocal brings us this story of un-named teenagers fined $270

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This Week’s WTF Moment

The designer couldn’t have called this “Rooster Block Necklace”?  Has the designer’s mother seen this? 😉 Original listing here, additional product listings here, designer’s website here.  ~Riot.Jane

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