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Westboro Baptist "Church" vs. the KKK

Riot.Jane The Westboro scammers were up to their usual shenanigans yesterday, Memorial Day (US), at Arlington National Cemetery. The latest twist? The Knights of the Southern Cross (KKK) responded in kind. Westboro is, for the most part, a multi-generational family affair,

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Today is National Coming Out Day!

A study published this year in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry revealed that “12-month suicidal ideation was significantly higher for both GLB [gay, lesbian, bisexual] and unsure youth . . . Twelve-month suicide attempts were significantly elevated

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A Jane to the Rescue!

Greetings to the Ladies Jane — I arrived at the local discount department store at 8.30 last Saturday morning. I pull up, and I see a young, thin black guy trying to wrestle a (presumably new) bicycle into the back

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