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Parable: Wine and Cheese in the Desert

A friend at work has been having trouble sleeping lately. He’s been waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep for a couple of hours. During one of these episodes last

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"Here’s your unusable advice. Good luck!"

I gained 75 lbs in a short period of time after I quit smoking. I’ve had every test in the world, and no one can figure out why. I’m also getting unexplained rashes and staph and yeast skin infections in

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The Path Late Traveled?

Time to change my lifeAlmost 40, time to wifeRun away from strife Hoping union staysThe endless rollout of daysAnd lame toil, I pray Do I really want this?Societal pressures, Miss?Seal it with a kiss Plow ahead, don’t stopBroken dreams and

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Child Pornography Exposes

While reading something else (I don’t remember what) last weekend, I found a link to a letter entitled An Insight into Child Porn posted at WikiLeaks. Traffic to the letter was so heavy for the first two days that I

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To Cut or Not to Cut?

The decision to circumcise your new baby boy is difficult for many parents. Religious, emotional, naturalistic, societal, hygiene, parental personal motivations, and side-effect concerns are a part of a decision that will affect your child for the rest of his

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Woman Dies in Cage in Arizona Desert

The Associated Press reports on the case of a State of Arizona prisoner Marcia Powell, an inmate placed in an unshaded “outdoor detention enclosure” (i.e. cage) for twice as long as regulations dictated and died of heat-related causes the next

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The $25 Gift Card Apology

June 22, 2009 Today I had a chat with an ethnic Chinese gentleman who works at the same customer site I do. Our usual habit is to discuss the differences we’ve experienced between cultures. He came from Malaysia, has worked

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