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America’s Most Egregious Mortal Sin: Being Fat

Fatness is an American mortal sin.  This is not a new situation, but I’m overjoyed to see the beginnings of a cultural backlash about it.  The most recent example of this is the controversy over the comments of one Maria

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Westboro Baptist "Church" vs. the KKK

Riot.Jane The Westboro scammers were up to their usual shenanigans yesterday, Memorial Day (US), at Arlington National Cemetery. The latest twist? The Knights of the Southern Cross (KKK) responded in kind. Westboro is, for the most part, a multi-generational family affair,

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Today in 1945: Arthur C. Clarke Invents the Communications Satellite

Riot.Jane If one particular man in history had died of polio as a child, you might not be reading this.  In fact, I daresay that modern Western life would indeed be very different. On this day in 1945, Arthur C.

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Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish: Osama bin Laden

Riot.Jane Everywhere I turned today, people were jubilant that Osama bin Laden is dead.  Watching news footage of the spontaneous crowds that gathered at the White House and in Times Square last night made me queasy.  It made me the

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"The Breast Milk Baby" Controversy

Admin.Jane If you haven’t heard, a new doll (i.e. toy for girls) will be introduced to the US market this spring.  Called “The Breast Milk Baby,” it was introduced in Europe in 2009 by Spanish toy company Berjuan Toys under

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The Wrong Lessons to Teach Your Child 101

Some Michiganders and Ohioans are on the front lines of living lessons we shouldn’t be teaching our children, namely that physical violence is the proper response to not getting your own way. Within the last month, a mother-daughter team attacked

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Victim-Blaming Part 2: The Reasons We Do It

In Victim-Blaming Part 1: Texas Gang Rape of a Child, we discussed the facts around the case of a gang-raped 11-year-old girl in Cleveland, TX.  We touched upon the victim-blaming of the 11-year-old victim that is occurring in the press and among

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