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America’s Most Egregious Mortal Sin: Being Fat

Fatness is an American mortal sin.  This is not a new situation, but I’m overjoyed to see the beginnings of a cultural backlash about it.  The most recent example of this is the controversy over the comments of one Maria

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A Crazy Woman in a Sporty Car

Riot.Jane I recently had an interesting experience with a stranger in a strip center parking lot.  This strip center is probably 50 years old (no exaggeration), and the parking spaces are quite narrow.  The parking stops are actually integrated into the concrete

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Having Coffee With The Lunatics In My Head

Riot.Jane Sometimes I wonder how many individual nutcases are loose in my head. Seriously, when I consider the things that I believe concurrently, many of them mutually-exclusive, I have to wonder when it was that I began renting out rooms

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*I* Was "The Other Woman"

For almost two years, I was “The Other Woman.”  The man was divine in my eyes.  The wife was a crazy person, and theirs was a loveless marriage.  He stayed married to her because, where he came from, divorced fathers

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Working a Job I Hate for Health Insurance

I’m at the same job I was in 10 years ago.  The job has no path for advancement, either professionally or monetarily.  I’m a walking knowledge base for everyone who comes into contact with me. I’ve been there so long

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A Letter to an Old Friend

Writing this is difficult for me . . . Please forgive me if my style is not up to its usual standard. I am having difficulty catching hold of the pieces of plastic lawn furniture blowing around within the squall

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My Favorite Books: "The Handmaid’s Tale"

In the continuing series of Riot.Jane’s favorite books . . . In no particular order, this is the third: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood The only one of my Five Faves written in my lifetime (1985 publication), this novel extrapolates American sociological currents

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