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My Favorite Books: "Anthem"

In the continuing series of Riot.Jane’s favorite books . . . In no particular order, this is the fourth: Anthem by Ayn Rand First published in 1937, Anthem is a dystopian novella set in an unspecified future Dark Age during which technological

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InfoGraphic: Evolution of the Lady Action Hero

Stumbled upon while wandering the wilds of the WWW . . . [Source: Evolution of the Lady Action Hero] While I will be forever torn between Ripley and Trinity as my favorite, I’d like to find out about your favorites

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Using Google Suggest as a Cultural Crystal Ball

I sometimes use Google Suggest as entertainment.  This find was not so entertaining. Since it’s not just one single hermit in a cabin in the woods in Wisconsin using Google, more people than I’d like to consider are infected all

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A Letter to an Old Friend

Writing this is difficult for me . . . Please forgive me if my style is not up to its usual standard. I am having difficulty catching hold of the pieces of plastic lawn furniture blowing around within the squall

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Participating in the American Cult of the Individual

I’ve found that mentally dissecting (or comparing point-by-point) a contrary argument is a useful tactic in strengthening your own.  At the very least, it’s a mental exercise that helps one separate emotional, moral, and logical factions of his own opinion. In that spirit,

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Today is National Coming Out Day!

A study published this year in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry revealed that “12-month suicidal ideation was significantly higher for both GLB [gay, lesbian, bisexual] and unsure youth . . . Twelve-month suicide attempts were significantly elevated

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How to Wash Your Vulva – For Real!

Admin.Jane is the technical brain behind TJP, and as such, she regularly checks our link activity, visitor stats, search terms that bring us visitors, maps of where our visitors come from, etc.  She recently found that someone in the UK

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