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Sexy Sundays | 50% Off @ Adam & Eve! (Updated)

Riot.Jane Use promotional code sexy28 for 50% off at Adam and Eve, plus receive free DVDs and a surprise mystery gift! (Seen on a television commercial.) They’re also offering $10 off if you sign up for their newsletter . .

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This Week’s WTF Moment

The designer couldn’t have called this “Rooster Block Necklace”?  Has the designer’s mother seen this? 😉 Original listing here, additional product listings here, designer’s website here.  ~Riot.Jane

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Urban Outfitters Sells Pro-Anorexia T-Shirt

Urban Outfitters T-Shirt Even I was surprised at the intensity of my reaction to the Urban Outfitters “Eat Less” t-shirt.  Just seeing it nauseates me, and I’m the girl with a collection of intentionally-offensive t-shirts.  I saw the shirt and

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Window Shopping for Marital Aids

When’s the last time you had the pharases “Lovecraftian horror” and “non-Euclidian geometry” occur while window shopping for marital aids?  Click the graphic to enlarge and read this particularly riotous installment of Questionable Content in this window.  Click the title to read it

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CVS Pharmacy WIN!

Overview: There are several CVS programs/tools that I’ve become familiar with over the last few years of shopping with them. Over time, I’ve developed an eye for combining and stacking the benefits of all of them to obtain remarkable savings.

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