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About the Murder of Steve McNair . . .

Quite a while back, an upper-middle-age black gentleman (I’d put him close to 60) and I were chatting at the office about the Michael Vick case, shortly after that story first broke. At one point during the conversation, he stopped,

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And You Thought YOUR Room/Office-mates Are Jackasses!

I’m not really sure who’s the bigger jackass on this one . . . The person who’s ignoring the need to clean up after themselves or the one who wrote this note, the likes of which we’ve ALL had the

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I am full of unmitigated rage!

I am full of unmitigated rage at this very moment! If I am told by one more fucking medical professional that proper CPAP compliance is 100% effective in treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), I might just smack him. I sleep

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The Nature of Jesus and the Point of Christianity

Something that’s bugged me on and off for a few years now is a theological question upon which I’d like to receive Jane input . . . What is the appropriate name/label for someone who generally believes in the teachings

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Hair Coloring & a Likely New Use for Chapstick

My current psychology is evident in my hair. It grows longer and then I hack it off with seasonal frequency. Every few months or so I color my hair from a drugstore box of dye. I’m an old pro at

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Woman "Not Guilty" should Son Rise from the Dead

Baltimore, MD — A former religious cult member has agreed to an unheard-of plea deal: She has plead guilty and will testify against four others in the starving death of her 1-year-old son but reserves the right to rescind her

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Now I can Say Nothing

First, they came for the “child molesters,” but I was not a child molester. So I said nothing. Then, they came for the “terrorists,” but I was not a terrorist. So I said nothing. Next, they came for the “conservatives,”

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