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Sexy Sundays | "The Morning After" the "First Time"

Riot.Jane A blog post by Mary Jo Rapini, LPC, caught my attention.  How you feel about losing your virginity depends…are you a guy or girl? begins with a discussion about the gender differences in the after-effects of the first sexual encounter as

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*What* Magazine is This Supposed to be Again?!

Okay, enough is enough.  I’ve simply had it with inappropriately-included, Photoshopped-to-better-than-life female models on magazine covers, most specifically when the magazines in question have nothing to do with making women appear more attactive. (Yes, beauty magazines suck, too, but that’s a

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Want a Raise? Wash Your Vulva, Dammit! (Part 2)

We recently introduced you to a disgusting full-page Woman’s Day magazine ad in Want a Raise? Wash Your Vulva, Dammit! (Part 1).  As promised, here’s the follow-up . . . now that I’m clear-headed enough to write it. Let’s start from

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Want a Raise? Wash Your Vulva, Dammit! (Part 1)

Male friend trident5 kicked a DemocraticUnderground link my way with the comment, “I am wholly unqualified to offer an opinion on this.”  Kowing him, I was expecting to find something nerdy/political  and bizarre enough that he, one of my Nerd Flock, would

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More on the Elderly Indian IVF Trend

In a recent post, we discussed the cultural components involved in the developing Indian trend of financially middle- and upper-class elderly women giving birth through IVF.  I ended that post with the statement “I honestly can’t imagine living in such a culture.

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Homeland Security, TSA, and the Police State

It’s Official: “TSA” = “Totally Stupid Assholes” Kathy Parker, 43 The Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Safety Administration (a/k/a “TSA”) has reached a new low.  Kathy Parker, 43, alleges that TSA personnel illegally invaded her privacy during a preflight security

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