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Westboro Baptist "Church" vs. the KKK

Riot.Jane The Westboro scammers were up to their usual shenanigans yesterday, Memorial Day (US), at Arlington National Cemetery. The latest twist? The Knights of the Southern Cross (KKK) responded in kind. Westboro is, for the most part, a multi-generational family affair,

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Victim-Blaming Part 2: The Reasons We Do It

In Victim-Blaming Part 1: Texas Gang Rape of a Child, we discussed the facts around the case of a gang-raped 11-year-old girl in Cleveland, TX.  We touched upon the victim-blaming of the 11-year-old victim that is occurring in the press and among

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Victim-Blaming Part 1: Texas Gang-Rape of a Child

In Cleveland, Texas, 19 suspects have been charged in the sexual assault of an 11-year-old child. While heartbreaking, this is not earth-shattering news. All too often, we hear of things like this and shake our heads, and maybe some of

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25% of UK Lap-Dancers has a College Degree

An interesting video clip from BBC News recently crossed my desk.  In it, Dr. Belinda Brooks-Gordon of the Birkbeck University of London, strip club owner Peter Stringfellow, and not-present news columnist Kevin Maguire (proxied by a BBC anchor) discuss the

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Introducing Joan M Bunney: Couger Advocating Change

Joan M Bunney We recently wrote about how we met and will shortly be introducing the work of Hattie Retroage here at TJP.  When we initially contacted and introduced TJP to Hattie, we had no way of knowing that she

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Meeting Hattie RetroAge: Cougar Extroardinaire

I watched an episode of TLC series {Strange}SEX for the very first time last week.  The particular episode I saw was about “cougars“, or older women who date younger men (the show defined it specifically as women aged 40+ who pursue men

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