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7 July, 2016 18:17

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4 March, 2016 01:20

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11 December, 2015 16:01

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From Cultural Dissidence

Hi! How are you? I saw it on TV! http://greatcarpetideas.info/appear/ago.php CNN said it really works! Cultural Dissidence

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America’s Most Egregious Mortal Sin: Being Fat

Fatness is an American mortal sin.  This is not a new situation, but I’m overjoyed to see the beginnings of a cultural backlash about it.  The most recent example of this is the controversy over the comments of one Maria

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5 Ways to Not Suck as a Washateria Patron

Whether you call them washaterias, laundromats, or coin-op laundries …. No one enjoys patronizing such an establishment. Nothing makes affable people mean and nasty faster than an 90 degree room filled with coin-operated clothing cleaning machines. If it’s not the

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