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NSFW: 5 bizarre and hilarious examples of Rule 34

Ah, our internet friend, Rule 34. Also defined at Urban Dictionary user Abokasee as: If it exsists, there is a porn of it, if there isn’t there will be, there is NO exception to this rule as of now. You

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Time to Defend Sluts

Riot.Jane Yasmin Nair has a killer post at Jezebel in which she reminds us that sluts — women who actually enjoy sex — deserve to be treated with the same respect as anyone else. Can we please remember that it’s

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Sexy Sundays | "The Morning After" the "First Time"

Riot.Jane A blog post by Mary Jo Rapini, LPC, caught my attention.  How you feel about losing your virginity depends…are you a guy or girl? begins with a discussion about the gender differences in the after-effects of the first sexual encounter as

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Sexy Sundays | 50% Off @ Adam & Eve! (Updated)

Riot.Jane Use promotional code sexy28 for 50% off at Adam and Eve, plus receive free DVDs and a surprise mystery gift! (Seen on a television commercial.) They’re also offering $10 off if you sign up for their newsletter . .

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Sexy Sundays | Pulling a Rabbit out of the Hat

Keeping one’s sex life interesting over the long term is sometimes difficult. Reading and hearing advice can help, but sometimes advice is of poor quality, poorly understood, or poorly implemented.  This can lead to bad experiences and devastating consequences. The

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Sexy Sundays | The Ins & Outs of Anal Sex (Part 2) (NSFW)

Riot.Jane In our first Sexy Sundays post, The Ins & Outs of Anal Sex (Part 1) (NSFW), MellissaY and JohnY introduced us to the topic. There’s so much more information that’s important to the topic, that we’ve decided to post

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Victim-Blaming Part 1: Texas Gang-Rape of a Child

In Cleveland, Texas, 19 suspects have been charged in the sexual assault of an 11-year-old child. While heartbreaking, this is not earth-shattering news. All too often, we hear of things like this and shake our heads, and maybe some of

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