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Sexy Sundays | "The Morning After" the "First Time"

Riot.Jane A blog post by Mary Jo Rapini, LPC, caught my attention.  How you feel about losing your virginity depends…are you a guy or girl? begins with a discussion about the gender differences in the after-effects of the first sexual encounter as

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Another Bill to Restrict Reproductive Freedom: HR 3 (UPDATED)

Riot.Jane I just received the following e-mail, and the topic is news to me.  This is surprising because I’m usually pretty current on matters of reproductive freedom . . . More on this topic to come. This is not an advocation that anyone

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Ad Vocabulary Re-Enforcing Gender Stereotypes

Riot.Jane Crystal Smith, author of The Achilles Effect, blogs about the the impact of kids’ popular culture on young boys becuase she has been regularly disappointed by the film and television offerings available to her two young sons. She has analyzed the

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"The Breast Milk Baby" Controversy

Admin.Jane If you haven’t heard, a new doll (i.e. toy for girls) will be introduced to the US market this spring.  Called “The Breast Milk Baby,” it was introduced in Europe in 2009 by Spanish toy company Berjuan Toys under

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The Wrong Lessons to Teach Your Child 101

Some Michiganders and Ohioans are on the front lines of living lessons we shouldn’t be teaching our children, namely that physical violence is the proper response to not getting your own way. Within the last month, a mother-daughter team attacked

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More on the Elderly Indian IVF Trend

In a recent post, we discussed the cultural components involved in the developing Indian trend of financially middle- and upper-class elderly women giving birth through IVF.  I ended that post with the statement “I honestly can’t imagine living in such a culture.

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Mummified Babies Could be Linked to "Peter Pan" Author

On August 17, two women cleaning a storage area in a once-grand 1920s-era Los Angeles apartment building made a surprising discovery: two leather satchels that each contained the mumified remains of a human baby. The remains were wrapped in 1933

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