The party of faith isn’t the party of freedom

I’m a Democrat, and I am not going to lose welfare cash, Section 8 housing, EBT/WIC, or a free cell phone if the Republicans win office. Why? Because I have NONE of those things.

I’m a worker, an income earner, a work product creator, a gun owner, a productive member of society who STRONGLY believes in personal liberties and freedoms balanced with personal responsibility, and I’m a Democrat. Why?

First: I don’t want anyone else’s religion, religious convictions, or holy book-based morals crammed down my throat.

The rest: I want a playing field in which what we teach our children is almost true (I.e. “You can bootstrap yourself to be ANYTHING you want to be, regardless of your family’s financial situation, color of your skin, or apparent ethnicity of your surname.”). I want the 1% to not be the feudal overlords of my grandchildren; I want no person to be a slave to corporate pimp. I want no woman to be dependent upon a man (or men) for survival or have to obtain the permission/approval of a man (or men) to be an independent, equal person. I don’t believe that any American should die of a treatable medical condition because of a lack of health insurance or $50K in the bank (as happened to one of my parents) to pay in advance for “non-emergency” medical treatment.

Because of the above, Libertarian and Republican friends say I’m not a true Democrat. When push comes to shove, though, I always seem to vote that way. I think this is because the way I run my personal life, that which I demand for myself (e.g. freedom of worship and procreative freedom), sounds very conservative. The key, I think, is that while I am adamant about what is right for me, I refuse to say what is right for others.

I’m a conservative at heart who refuses to ally with the Republicans because I adore freedom, and I refuse to align myself with those who want to dictate what is Right or Wrong in the lives of others (and hence, what is Right for me). I’m personally conservative but socially quite liberal because I love freedom so much that I firmly believe all persons should be able to decide what is Right for them and act upon it, without the religious notions of others or insurmountable deck-stacking preventing said action.

I’m conservative, but I’m a Democrat. There are many people like me, who have chosen the least offensive party to them (I’m sure the Republicans have some, too), but we don’t have a real home either in our political system or our culture.


Middle-aged, life-long Texan with a substantial chip on her shoulder.

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